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Daily English 728 - Describing One’s Skill Level

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Elaine: Welcome to your first day as an intern in our company office. Let me show you around. This is the main office area with a cubicle for each employee. Are you pretty good with computers?

Tony: Actually, my computer knowledge is pretty basic. The only thing I’m adept at is videogames. I’m not up to snuff on actually doing work on one.

Elaine: Okay, well you should be proficient by the end of your internship. Over there is where we keep the photocopier and fax machine. Have you used them before?

Tony: I’m an expert on the copier. I can use it with one hand tied behind my back. I’m particularly good at photocopying body parts.

Elaine: Uh, great.

Tony: But the fax...I’ve only used one once and I never quite mastered it.

Elaine: I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. And this is the break room. You have your standard refrigerator and vending machines.

Tony: Hey, I’m really good with vending machines. That’s one machine I know inside and out.

Elaine: How could I have guessed that the one thing you really excel at is working the vending machine?

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