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Daily English 730 - Waiting For Exam Results

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Joel: Did it come?

Susanne: No, it’s not in today’s mail. Why do I bother, anyway? I know it’s a foregone conclusion. I’ve failed.

Joel: That’s bull! I know you passed. You’re just on tenterhooks waiting around for the results to arrive and you’re psyching yourself out.

Susanne: No, I’m not.

Joel: Don’t you remember that when you came home after taking the exam, you thought you had aced it?

Susanne: I did, but that was before I started thinking about all of the questions I got wrong. Then, I thought it was a toss up whether I passed or not. Now that I’ve had even more time to think about it, I’m sure I biffed it.

Joel: See what I mean? You’ve been psyching yourself out for weeks. You studied really hard and I have no doubt that you passed with flying colors. All right, you’re not going to hear today, so let’s get your mind off of the exam, okay?

Susanne: All right. How?

Joel: You can help me study for the exam. I’m taking it at the next administration. I have no intention of bombing it or even squeaking by by the skin of my teeth – like some people.

Susanne: Very funny. Okay, so maybe I’m psyching myself out – a little bit. Okay, I’m game. Where do we begin?

Joel: With all of the ones you thought you got wrong.

Susanne: What?!

Joel: There’s no sense wasting all that worrying. And if you did fail it, you’ll need to get ready to take it again.

Susanne: Gee, thanks!

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