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Daily English 732 - Preferring Different Work Styles

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Hugo: How do you like working with Leo? Is it working out?

Melissa: No, it’s not. Our work styles completely clash and we butt heads at every turn.

Hugo: Really? I thought you were partnered up because you complemented each other’s strengths.

Melissa: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we can work well together. I’m collaborative and like to talk things out. Leo likes to go solo. He goes off on his own and comes back with a finished product, without consulting with me at all.

Hugo: Yeah, I’ve worked with Leo before and he likes having autonomy, but he has to realize that the point of collaboration is that the sum is greater than the parts. Two people pooling ideas will make the product better.

Melissa: That’s the idea, anyway. Hey, I have a better idea. What do you think of you and me teaming up? We’re both collaborative. We’d make a great team.

Hugo: Yeah, but we also have the same skills. That’s why you’re working with Leo and I’m working with Lamar, remember?

Melissa: Yeah, I remember. I’m starting to think that collaboration is overrated.

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