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Daily English 744 - Dealing With a Mistake

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Boss: What is going on here?!

Jenny: There was a miscommunication.

Boss: A miscommunication?! There are 16 copiers in this office. Who ordered 16 copiers?

Jenny: No one did. Clearly wires got crossed somewhere. I’ll try to get to the bottom of this, but the copiers will be removed before lunch.

Boss: I can’t even walk to my office with all of these machines in here. How am I supposed to get any work done?

Jenny: I’m looking for the purchase order right now to see if the mistake was on our end or on their end.

Boss: Let me know as soon as you figure it out. I want to know who’s responsible for this.

Jenny: Right, I’ll let you know. No doubt it was just a clerical error. No harm, no foul.

Boss: No harm, no foul?! This screw up has cost me half a day’s productivity. I think that’s plenty of harm done.

Jenny: You’re right, sir. I stand corrected. I’m sure it was just an honest mistake.

Boss: Stop making excuses for the person responsible for this debacle. Jenny, why are you making excuses for the person responsible?

Jenny: You look thirsty. I’ll go get you some coffee right now!

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