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Daily English 756 - Holding Structured and Unstructured Meetings

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Diego: Okay, why don’t you brief me on what you’ve planned for the meeting tomorrow?

Maya: Sure. At the meeting of the managers tomorrow, we’ll begin with introductions. Since you’re the most senior manager, the job falls to you.

Diego: I don’t think we need to stand on ceremony. Have Alexi do the introductions.

Maya: All right. Then, we’ll follow the agenda and discuss each item of business. I have you down to lead the discussions.

Diego: I don’t think we need the meeting to be so structured. If we follow the agenda point-by-point, we’ll never find out what’s really on the minds of the managers, what issues they think are of paramount importance. I think I’ll open the floor to anyone who wants to raise an issue.

Maya: Wouldn’t that turn into a free for all? I’m not sure we’ll get much accomplished.

Diego: Sometimes, it’s not as important to accomplish something as it is to take the pulse of the group. If we want to know what issues are on the managers’ minds, we first need to let the managers speak freely. Agreed?

Maya: Uh, sure. You’re the boss. Should I also cancel the lunch I’ve ordered so you can make up your minds about food later?

Diego: Absolutely not! The one thing that’s not open for discussion is what I’m eating for lunch.

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