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Daily English 760 - Paycheck Deductions

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Bill: It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for my first paycheck and now it’s finally here. I’m ready to party this weekend! Whoa!

Carol: What’s the matter?

Bill: What happened to all my money? The amount of this check is a lot less than I expected it to be.

Carol: Yeah, my first paycheck was an eye-opener for me, too. Look at the pay stub and you’ll see all of the deductions. After federal income taxes, state income taxes, and FICA, you’re not left with a lot of money.

Bill: You’re right, but what’s FICA?

Carol: Those are taxes for Social Security and Medicare. Did you sign up for a retirement plan? If you did, those retirement contributions are deducted, too.

Bill: Thank God, I didn’t. But you know what? That still doesn’t account for all of the deductions.

Carol: Let me take a look. Oh, it looks like your wages are being garnished.

Bill: They’re garnishing my wages? What for?

Carol: Uh, do you have to pay child support or something like that?

Bill: Oh, yeah, I guess I do. I’d forgotten about that. I guess I’d better change my weekend plans.

Carol: I guess so.

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