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Daily English 768 - Negotiating Price

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Justin: Hello.

Rachel: Hi, Justin. It’s Rachel from McQ Corp.

Justin: Oh hi, Rachel. Did you get our bid for the job?

Rachel: Yes, we did. We like your proposal, but we still need to come to terms on the price.

Justin: We’ve already given you our rock-bottom price because we want to get this job, but we always try to be flexible.

Rachel: Good. Could you do better on what you’ve quoted us for labor? The price seemed a little high.

Justin: We might be able to trim a little off of that. How about if we discount that by 10 percent?

Rachel: That’s an attractive offer, but we were hoping for 20 percent.

Justin: You’re driving a hard bargain. We have certain fixed costs, you know.

Rachel: I do and that’s why I’m only asking about labor costs. Can you meet me halfway at 15 percent?

Justin: I think that might be doable, if that’s the only stumbling block to us getting the job.

Rachel: I can’t make any promises, but I’ll do my best.

Justin: That’s all I can ask. I’ll send you over a revised bid.

Rachel: Great. I hope to have good news for you next week.

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