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Daily English 772 - Types of People at Work

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Raul: Thanks for showing me around on my first day.

Ursula: It’s no problem. I want to give you the lay of the land and tell you about the people you’ll be working with. For instance, that’s Julie over there. She’s really nice, but she’s also a perfectionist. If you ever work with her, remember that she’s a stickler about everything.

Raul: Okay, I’ll remember that.

Ursula: And Phil over there? He’s a slacker and a troublemaker. Stay away from him, far, far away.

Raul: Thanks for the warning.

Ursula: And that’s Luis. You’ll be working under him. He’s a slave driver and a workaholic, and he expects everybody else to be one, too.

Raul: That doesn’t sound good.

Ursula: Don’t sweat it. Standing next to Luis is Gil. He’s a yes-man and very, very ambitious, almost ruthless. Don’t get in Gil’s way.

Raul: Okay, I won’t. Thanks for showing me around. By the way, who’s the office gossip?

Ursula: Oh, we don’t have one of those around here.

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