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Daily English 776 - Getting Praise and Recognition

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Rene: Hey, look who’s here. It’s the company’s golden boy.

Bruno: Very funny.

Rene: I’m not joking. First, you’re recognized at the annual meeting for your work in the company, and then you get a commendation from the city for your volunteer work. I’m basking in your reflected glory.

Bruno: I didn’t ask for either honor, as you well know. I’m not a glory hound.

Rene: Yes, and that’s what makes it even more galling. You don’t have to go seeking your glory; it comes to you.

Bruno: Knock it off! I like praise as much as the next guy, but I’d rather not be in the limelight.

Rene: I know. You’re exceptional and you’re modest about it. You’re the perfect guy. You leave us mere mortals in the dust.

Bruno: I’m leaving. I know you love giving me a hard time, but remember this: I give as good as I get – and I have a long memory!

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