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Daily English 792 - Business Zoning

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Sybil: Oh, this is it! This is the perfect location for our new store!

Leo: Sorry, but this space isn’t zoned for retail. It’s zoned for offices.

Sybil: But couldn’t we get the zoning commission to re-zone it?

Leo: That’s not an easy process. The city’s urban planners decided that this space would be best suited for offices. Changing their minds won’t be easy.

Sybil: I’ve heard that a lot of new developments are being zoned for mixed-use. That’s all we need to do. We just need this building to be re-zoned for mixed-use. Then, we can use the space downstairs for commercial purposes and use the upstairs space for offices or even housing.

Leo: This area was zoned for industrial purposes over 30 years ago. It took 10 years for it to be re-zoned for offices. It may take another 10 years to get it re-zoned for commercial purposes. Do you think you can wait 10 years to open your store?

Sybil: No, I guess not. What if I rented this space for an office and then ran my store out of it?

Leo: You’ll never get a business license for your store if you do that. Each type of zoning has different ordinances and the inspector won’t be fooled.

Sybil: All right. I’ll look for another space, but nothing will live up to this one.

Leo: That’s the spirit!

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