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Daily English 808 - Asking for Time Off

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Johnny: I just found out that the manager is letting Neal take Friday off. I asked him two days ago for Friday off and he turned me down!

Francesca: Neal’s wife is pregnant, so maybe he needs time off to go with her to a doctor’s visit, or something.

Johnny: That’s so messed up! I asked first, so I should have been given permission instead of Neal. I think the manager has it in for me.

Francesca: I don’t think that’s the case. Maybe next time, if you ask a couple of weeks in advance, he’ll say “yes.” Neal does have seniority, you know.

Johnny: Neal is always going to have seniority over me and I’m always going to get screwed.

Francesca: Don’t get a chip on your shoulder about this. Neal put in his years and earned his seniority fair and square. When you’ve worked here 18 years, you’ll get priority over newer hires.

Johnny: If I’m still in this job in 17 years, shoot me!

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