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Daily English 820 - Performing Poorly at Work

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Cora: What’s up with Rob? He hasn’t been himself lately.

Doug: You’ve noticed, too, huh?

Cora: Yeah, he’s been missing work and letting things slip through the cracks. I’ve been cutting him some slack and filling in for him, but things haven’t improved.

Doug: I know what you mean. I’d never known Rob to drop the ball on anything until recently. I heard a rumor that he’s having financial problems.

Cora: No, not Rob! He has more clients than anyone around here.

Doug: Well, he’s been off his game for a while now, so some of those accounts might have gone up in smoke.

Cora: Are you going to have a talk with him? Maybe you could help.

Doug: Me? Why me?

Cora: I thought you two were pretty tight.

Doug: We’re friendly at work, but we’re not really friends. The last thing I want to do is to snoop around in his business.

Cora: But maybe he’s just waiting for a shoulder to cry on. You might be just the person to get him to bare his soul.

Doug: Spoken just like a woman! You all think we men are waiting to bare our souls and to let our emotions out. Just leave Rob alone to solve his own problems.

Cora: Spoken just like a cold-hearted man!

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