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Daily English 833 - Shooting Travel Videos

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:12
Explanation begins at: 2:47
Normal Speed begins at: 15:27

Cesar: Hurry up! We’ll miss the tour bus if we don’t leave right now.

Matilda: I’m just getting some footage of this area before we leave. “This area is known for its...”

Cesar: Now what are you doing?

Matilda: I’m doing a voice-over for this segment. Voice-overs are very important in good travel videos.

Cesar: You can add the voice-over when you edit it. Let’s go!

Matilda: Just give me five more minutes. Hmm, this footage is turning out to be too shaky. Hold on while I set up the tripod.

Cesar: We don’t have time for that. Grab your camcorder, and let’s go.

Matilda: Too much motion will ruin any travel video. Wait! I want to get a close-up of that building and a wide-angle shot of this entire area. Hey, where are you going with my gear?

Cesar: I, and your gear, are going to the tour bus. I’m not going to get left behind – again!

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