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Daily English 837 - Driving While Calling and Texting

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Pamela: [laughs] Did you see this tweet from Sarah? She’s so funny.

Josh: Hold on. I’m texting Lance. I want to make sure he knows where we’re meeting up.

Pamela: [cell phone rings] Hello. Oh, hi Lance. Did you get Josh’s text? You didn’t? Let me IM you, bye.

Josh: I wonder why Lance didn’t get my text. I sent it from the same number I normally use.

Pamela: [cell phone rings] Hello. Jessica! Where have you been? I’ve been emailing you for three days. I thought you’d fallen off the face of the earth. What? You’ve been on vacation with your parents and you’ve been incommunicado, with no web access and no phone signal? That’s mind-blowing!

Josh: Ask Jessica whether she got my text. I’m really starting to worry about my account. Better yet, I’ll text her a photo of us right now. Say “cheese.”

Pamela: Cheese. [brakes squealing] What was that?

Josh: It’s just a reckless driver. Just change lanes.

Pamela: You change lanes. You’re the one driving.

Josh: No, I’m not. How can I be driving when I’m so busy texting?

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