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Daily English 844 - Dealing With Corrupt Officials

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Vera: I can’t believe that Stan has been arrested. I know that he wasn’t always on the up-and-up, but he’s being accused of influence peddling and taking bribes.

Keigo: Stan has been getting kickbacks for years. Everybody knew that if you wanted to get what you wanted from this department, you had to grease Stan’s palms. There isn’t a more corrupt official than Stan.

Vera: But he was always so nice to me.

Keigo: That was part of the problem. He was always good to his friends and family. That’s why he’s also known for his nepotism and cronyism. He gave friends and family plum jobs with big salaries. He had an entire good old boy network.

Vera: Do you really think he’ll go to jail?

Keigo: I’m sure of it. On second thought, if he can find a judge who’s on the take and is as corrupt as he is, he has a fighting chance.

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