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Daily English 852 - Working in a Factory

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Tony: The plant manager says that you’re the new kid.

Amber: Yes, it’s my first day.

Tony: All right, you’ll be a line worker like the rest of us. Here’s your workstation. What you have to remember is that output and productivity are the most important things around here.

Amber: I understand, but...

Tony: Watch out for that forklift! You have to watch where you’re going or you’ll ruin our safety record.

Amber: Sorry. When will I get trained to use this machinery? I’ve never worked on an assembly line before to mass-produce anything.

Tony: I’m going to teach you, so pay attention. The other thing you have to worry about around here is quality control. If you don’t do things right, you’ll hear about it.

Amber: Okay, but...

Tony: Hey, sit down! As I said before, if you’re not careful, you’ll get your head taken off in this factory. Now, try to pay attention.

Amber: I’m trying, but it’s hard to do when my life is in danger every other minute.

Tony: [sighs] Rookies!

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