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Daily English 865 - Believing in Predictions

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Armond: I hope that this new year will bring me better luck.

Patricia: You can find that out easily enough. My astrologer says...

Armond: Hold on. You consult an astrologer? You really believe in that nonsense?

Patricia: It’s not nonsense and, yes, I believe in it. I like getting predictions about the future and knowing what is in the stars for me.

Armond: Astrologers are charlatans and what they tell their customers is phony. They make it all up and tell people what they want to hear.

Patricia: I don’t know how you can say that. The horoscope for my sign each day gives me warnings and helps me avoid mistakes. And when I have big decisions to make, I go for a reading. The guidance I get is invaluable.

Armond: You’re too smart to be taken in by con artists who style themselves as mystics. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Patricia: You’re wrong. I’ll give you an example. My horoscope today said that an unpleasant person will try to shake my beliefs. It said I should just walk away.

Armond: Hey, where are you going?

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