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Daily English 872 - A Publicity Stunt

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Hank: What’s that for?

Svetlana: This costume? I’m planning a publicity stunt to get our store more business.

Hank: You think that dressing up as a giant banana will get our store more business?

Svetlana: We need to get media coverage for the grand opening of our store and attract as much attention as possible. I’ll be on hand to give sound bites and organize photo ops.

Hank: How does a giant banana tie into our store?

Svetlana: It doesn’t directly, but trust me, it’ll get noticed.

Hank: I was thinking of a traditional marketing campaign, more along the lines of holding a contest or a giveaway. And I don’t see how a giant banana is going to get media attention.

Svetlana: The person in the giant banana costume will skydive into the parking lot of the store.

Hank: What idiot have you convinced to do that?

Svetlana: Well, that’s actually why I’m here...

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