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Daily English 876 - Preparing a Professional Portfolio

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Melinda: Ta da! I’m finally done with my portfolio. Do you want to see it?

Chad: Sure. This portfolio has samples of your work, right?

Melinda: It does, but it’s much more than that. It’s a presentation of the highlights of my career, with examples of my groundbreaking work.

Chad: Uh, okay, if you say so.

Melinda: Let me show you. The first page is a fact sheet of my major accomplishments, clients, jobs, and awards. That’s followed by a more detailed resume. And then, there are some samples of my best work, and finally, there are testimonials from satisfied clients.

Chad: But this is still a work in progress, right?

Melinda: What do you mean?

Chad: Well, your fact sheet is a half a page long. There are two samples of your work, and there are no testimonials, just a blank page.

Melinda: I admit that it’s a little thin right now, but what do you expect? I just started working in the field six months ago. This portfolio shows that there is room for growth.

Chad: Yeah, plenty of room.

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