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Daily English 892 - Preparing for the Busy Season

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Yuko: What’s all this?

Reza: We’re gearing up for the busy season. We don’t want to get caught with our pants down like we did last season.

Yuko: Last season, we had an unusual number of visitors because of the unseasonably warm weather. We can’t expect lightening to strike twice.

Reza: We have to prepare for every contingency. If we get a flood of visitors, we need to be able to handle the surge in traffic. These three months are our peak months anyway, so we should expect an upswing in business soon.

Yuko: But what if people don’t come in large numbers as you’re anticipating? All of these extra supplies will go to waste.

Reza: No, they won’t. Most of this stuff isn’t perishable, so we’ll just save it for the next time we get a rush of visitors. Or, maybe, I’ll just invite my buddies over at the end of the season and we’ll have a party.

Yuko: So when you said that we have to plan for every contingency, this was what you meant.

Reza: Exactly!

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