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Daily English 909 - Buying Electronic Books

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Kindo: What’s that?

Nookie: It’s my new e-book reader. I’m just downloading some new books onto it.

Kindo: I haven’t bought one yet. I’m old school. I still prefer a printed book.

Nookie: But if you haven’t tried it yet, how do you know you wouldn’t like it better? This e-book reader can store over 10,000 digital books and it’s easily portable. Imagine trying to carry an entire library from place to place.

Kindo: I don’t usually read 10,000 books all at once and I hear that there are a lot of incompatible formats out there. Each company is trying to edge out the others by establishing their format as the format. I think I’ll just wait until the dust settles.

Nookie: The different formats aren’t that big a deal. You can easily convert a book in one format to another.

Kindo: I like the look of text on a printed page.

Nookie: You mean that faded text on that yellowed page? On an e-book reader, you can adjust the text size, font, and even line spacing.

Kindo: Can I get all of the out-of-print books on my shelves in digital format?

Nookie: Well, I’m not sure.

Kindo: Until I can, I’ll stick to my low-tech books.

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