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Daily English 92 - Types of Work

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I got a call yesterday from Amy, a co-worker from the office. She and I work in the same department. We've had lunch at work a few times but I really didn't know her that well. I was really glad she called.

Kevin: Hello.

Amy: Hi, could I speak to Kevin?

Kevin: This is Kevin.

Amy: Oh, hi, it's Amy from work.

Kevin: Oh, hey, how's it going? I didn't recognize your voice.

Amy: Not bad. Listen, the reason I'm calling is that I'm having a dinner party a week from Saturday at my place around 7:30. I wanted to see if you could make it.

Kevin: So it's not this Saturday but the Saturday after that. That would be the 17th.

Amy: Yeah, that's right, the following Saturday, the 17th.

Kevin: Let me just check my calendar Yeah, I think I can make it. Are you inviting anyone else from work?

Amy: Yeah, I am. Jennifer from marketing already RSVP-ed so she'll be there for sure and I'm waiting to hear back from James in accounting. I've also invited a few other friends.

Kevin: Just out of curiosity, are they in finance, too?

Amy: No. My friend Janis is in the medical field. She's an orthopedic surgeon. She's bringing her boyfriend, Tim, and I think he's an engineer in the automobile industry. Then, there's Megan. She works part-time in retail and moonlights as a tour guide on the weekends. She's been wanting to get into the hospitality industry for a long time.

Kevin: Wow, that sounds like a great group of people. I'm looking forward to it. Can I bring anything?

Amy: No, that's okay. Just come and bring your appetite.

Kevin: Sounds great. Thanks for the invitation.

Amy: No problem. I'm glad you can make it. See you in the office tomorrow.

Kevin: See you then. Bye.

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