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Daily English 924 - Getting Access to Important People

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Camile: That is a really good idea.

Nathan: Thanks, but there’s no way I can get past all of the gatekeepers in this company to get access to the president. He’s the only one who can green-light a project like this.

Camile: Can’t you present it to your boss first?

Nathan: If I bring the idea to my immediate supervisor, she’ll either take it over or nix it.

Camile: What you need to do is to get the ear of one of his advisors and do an end-run around the other managers.

Nathan: I’m not sure how I can do that. I don’t know any of the advisors in the president’s inner circle. We don’t exactly travel in the same circles, you know.

Camile: How’s your jump shot?

Nathan: Why do you ask?

Camile: My cousin works at the same gym where that the company president goes to exercise. Sometimes he likes to play a game of pick-up basketball, often one-on-one. If you got a call from my cousin when he’s there, you might be able to be get there quickly and be in the right place at the right time.

Nathan: You mean talk business on the courts?

Camile: Sure, isn’t that how real deals get made?

Nathan: You might have an idea there.

Camile: Yes, but one piece of advice: Let him win!

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