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Daily English 932 - Rebuilding Consumer Trust

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Karen: The scandal over our new product line really damaged our image, and we need to rebuild consumer trust.

Brandon: This is going to be an uphill battle. Losing customers is easy. Winning them back will be really hard.

Karen: I agree, but our stock is taking a beating and we need to do something now.

Brandon: Part of the problem was that the rumors about the new product heightened expectations and we just fell short of the mark. We need to always remember to under promise and over deliver.

Karen: Yes, that was a big part of the problem, but we also need to have more transparency. We can’t make major changes without first getting customer input and without notifying them well in advance. Otherwise, our customers feel betrayed.

Brandon: All right, I think we have a place to begin. Should I call a general meeting to talk specifics?

Karen: Sure, and while we’re at it, we can work on employee morale, too!

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