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Daily English 944 - Working as an Intern

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Jonas: How’s your new job?

Crystal: It’s not a job exactly. It’s an internship.

Jonas: Oh, so you’re working as somebody’s lackey and getting paid a pittance.

Crystal: No, not exactly. I’m doing a lot of scut work and I’m not getting paid a lot, but I’m getting very valuable on-the-job experience.

Jonas: Sure you are. You’re learning how to fetch coffee and run errands. Yippee! You don’t have to tell me any more. I know all about it. It’s slave labor.

Crystal: No, it’s not! I’m shadowing one of the managers part of the day and I sit in on important meetings all the time. My mentor shows me how things are done in the business world and gives me great career advice.

Jonas: Well, then you’re lucky. Most interns who work for our company learn diddly squat and spend their time doing menial work. Some of them are even unpaid. What a racket!

Crystal: In that case, I’m glad I don’t work for your company!

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