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Daily English 948 - Listening to Motivational Speakers

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Jamal: I really dread these annual management meetings. We usually have to sit through the most boring motivational speakers giving us pep talks.

Cindy: I think you’ll be surprised by the person they’ve hired to kick off our meeting. She’s supposed to be a guru on crisis management.

Jamal: Oh no, not another one.

Cindy: This one has a lot of real-world experience. She was a fighter pilot who has apparently survived some very difficult missions.

Jamal: What does a fighter pilot know about business? I can’t believe our company is shelling out thousands of dollars on speaking fees for someone like her to tell us how to do our jobs better.

Cindy: I think that the idea is to understand how other organizations and professions handle crises, which may shed some light on how we can do things better.

Jamal: Well, I don’t have high hopes.

Cindy: Don’t you think she can teach us anything?

Jamal: Sure, in fact our speaker has inspired me to try to get on the lecture circuit myself.

Cindy: What would you speak about?

Jamal: Avoiding corporate waste!

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