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Daily English 969 - Using Electronics on Airplanes

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Flight attendant: I’m sorry, sir, but all passengers need to turn off their portable electronic devices for takeoff, so you’ll need to turn off your laptop.

Alec: I just need to finish one last email.

Flight attendant: Sir, we can’t take off until you turn that computer off.

Alec: Fine. It’s off. Why all the fuss, anyway?

Flight attendant: It’s regulations. Signals emitted by electronics may interfere with the plane’s communication systems or navigation.

Alec: All right.

Flight attendant: Sir, you’ll also need to turn off your tablet computer and your cell phone. Those are also considered portable electronic devices.

Alec: You’ve got to be kidding me. You mean I have to sit here twiddling my thumbs while I wait for the plane to take off? I thought the FAA eased up on those regulations.

Flight attendant: I’m afraid not, sir. Please power down all of your devices so we can proceed with takeoff.

Alec: Okay, fine. What am I suppose to do until we get the all clear to use our electronics again?

Flight attendant: Perhaps you could read a magazine.

Alec: That’s what I was doing on my tablet before you made me turn it off.

Flight attendant: Perhaps you could take a flying leap out the window.

Alec: What did you say?

Flight attendant: I said, “Look at that luggage heap out the window.”

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