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Daily English 980 - Retiring Abroad

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Wanda: I just heard the news. You’re moving to McQuillanland?

George: I am. I’ve decided to retire abroad.

Wanda: Why?

George: It makes a lot of sense for people with a fixed income. Social Security will only go so far here, but the cost of living is much lower in other countries, including McQuillanland. I can live it up at a fraction of the cost of living modestly here.

Wanda: But you’re moving away from all of your friends and family.

George: I can stay in touch remotely and there is an American expat community there so I can make new friends. I am a little worried about learning the language and adjusting to life abroad, but I’ll be living a simpler life there and there’ll be less stress.

Wanda: But sometimes things aren’t so reliable when you live abroad.

George: Like what?

Wanda: I’ve heard that the Internet services can be unreliable and power outages are common in McQuillanland. Are you sure you want to put down stakes in a foreign country?

George: What do I have to lose? I already have my residency visa and a condo on the beach waiting for me. The real question is: when are you going to take the plunge?

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