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Daily English 984 - Competing in Business

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Yoko: We used to be the only game in town. Now we have three competitors and they are luring away our customers.

Cedric: I know. We need to do something before we go under. What about price matching?

Yoko: Our prices are already competitive. If we want to focus on price, we’ll need to undercut our competitors.

Cedric: Slashing prices would be really hard on our profit margin, but these are desperate times. What do you think of a two-for-one deal? We could offer it for a limited time.

Yoko: We can do that if lowering our prices doesn’t work. I’m thinking we could go in another direction. What do you think about offering freebies or gifts with purchase?

Cedric: I think that’s a good idea. The more frills we include the better our services look. What kind of frills?

Yoko: I’m not sure, but the more bells and whistles the better.

Cedric: And if all of this doesn’t work?

Yoko: Then we’ll be up the creek without a paddle!

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