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Daily English 992 - Loan Forgiveness Programs

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Martin: One hundred eleven days and counting.

Georgina: Are you counting down to something?

Martin: I’m counting down to the day when my student loans will be discharged. I only took this job because it qualifies for the loan forgiveness program.

Georgina: But you’ve worked here for over two years already. You mean you’ve been working to pay off your student loans all this time?

Martin: That’s right. I took out loans to subsidize my college education. After I graduated, I had a choice to either start repaying the loans or work in a public service job for three years.

Georgina: Three years is a long commitment.

Martin: You’re telling me, but I had no choice. It was either that or be indebted for the next 10 to 15 years. I couldn’t take that.

Georgina: Now I get it.

Martin: Get what?

Georgina: I’ve noticed you’ve been happier lately and I thought you were finally enjoying your work here, but now I know it’s because you’re getting closer to getting out from under your loans.

Martin: That’s right. In less than four months I’ll be free at last, free at last!

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