Travel English 1

Air Travel - Series 1

This course contains 5 lessons that will teach you the most common vocabulary related to traveling in an airplane. Watch as different characters deal with situations such as getting travel documents, using frequent flyer miles, paying airline fees, purchasing and using e-tickets, and dealing with budget airlines.

Course Length (Part 1) -- 2.5 hours (1.75 hours video + text lessons)

Lessons Included

Lesson 1 – Getting Travel Documents

Steve and Joyce are traveling to McQuillanland! Before they can, however, Steve needs to renew his passport. In this lesson, we will talk about passports, and how to use vocabulary and idioms commonly used when talking about traveling to another country like "consulate", "visa," "supporting document," "to deport," and more.

Lesson 2 – Using Frequent Flyer Miles

Free Airline Tickets, anyone? Watch as Jurgen and Anne discuss frequent flyer miles - what they are, how to get them - and all the common vocabulary used when talking about special bonuses that airlines give you for flying in their airplanes.

Lesson 3 – Paying Airline Fees

There’s a reason flying on an airplane is more expensive than driving. Howie and Justine talk about some of the things that travelers need to pay for when flying on an airplane. We’ll discuss vocabulary like "to tack on," "checked baggage," "to shell out," "to fly standby," "base fare," and many more.

Lesson 4 – Purchasing and Using an E-Ticket

Jeff is going for convenience on this trip. Instead of using a traditional paper ticket, he is going to use an “e-ticket.” We’ll talk about the common vocabulary and expression used when using an electronic ticket to travel, such as "to check in," "to prompt," "confirmation receipt," "itinerary," "self-serve kiosk," "check-in counter," and many more. Let’s hope an electronic "glitch" doesn’t get in Jeff’s way (and we explain what "glitch" means, too)!

Lesson 5 – Flying on a Budget Airline

When something seems too good to be true, you know it probably isn't. Watch as Anton and Frederica regret being able to get an amazingly cheap pair of airplane tickets. We will teach you how to use vocabulary like "baggage restriction," "default," "open seating," "hidden fee," "in-flight entertainment," "ground transportation," "refund," and a whole lot more.

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Jeff McQuillan
Jeff McQuillan

Dr. Jeff McQuillan is a recognized expert and leading researcher in English language learning and teaching. He received his Ph.D. in applied linguistics and education from the University of Southern California, and was a university professor for many years. He's published dozens of articles and books related to linguistics, literacy, and English language learning. His work has appeared in the media both nationally and internationally, including CNN, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Deutschlandfunk Radio, El Pais, China Post, MacWorld, Diario Financiero, Universia, The Times (London) and many others.

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