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Daily English 300 - Arriving for an Appointment

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I arrived a little early for my sales appointment with the office manager of Lyon Industries, and spoke to the receptionist.

Juri: Hello. I’m here for my 11:30 appointment with Sue Gibbons.

Receptionist: What is your name?

Juri: It’s Juri Lakoff.

Receptionist: I’ll let her know that you’re here. [Speaking into the telephone] Sue, this is Rhonda. Your 11:30 appointment is here. Should I send him up? Okay, I’ll do that. [Hangs up the telephone] Ms. Gibbons says that she’s running a little late and is tied up in another meeting right now. She should be wrapping things up very quickly and will be free in a few minutes. Would you like to wait in the reception area right over there?

Juri: Sure. No problem.

Receptionist: Can I get you something? Coffee or tea?

Juri: No, I’m fine. I was just wondering how many employees you have in this office.

Receptionist: I don’t know precisely, but I think we have about 80.

Juri: Oh, that’s a lot. Is the company planning on expanding?

Receptionist: I’m sorry, but I really don’t know. I’m sure Ms. Gibbons can answer those questions for you.

Juri: Right, right. I didn’t mean to pump you for information. I was just trying to get the inside scoop on the company before my meeting.

Receptionist: I understand. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to answer this call. Ms. Gibbons should be finished with her other meeting in no time.

Juri: Oh, sure. I didn’t mean to keep you. Sorry.

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