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Daily English 308 - Formatting a Document

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Franz: I’ve just switched over to this program and I can’t figure out how to format my document. Can you help me?

Helen: I can try. Let’s take a look. What do you want to do?

Franz: I want to change the margins so that I can fit more on a page. I don’t know how to change the default settings. I also want to put this section on a separate page.

Helen: Okay, you can adjust the margins by moving this up and down, or from side to side. If you want this section on a separate page, just add a page break.

Franz: Oh, I see. What if I want to add a header or a footer?

Helen: You go to this pull-down menu and select the header and footer option. Then, you can type in the text you want. If you want to add a page number, just insert one by selecting it from this menu.

Franz: That seems easy. What if I want to change the font?

Helen: You can change the font style or size by selecting the text and then making the change on the toolbar. See?

Franz: Yeah, that seems simple enough. I also want to change the orientation of the page. How do I do that?

Helen: Right now your document is portrait. To make it landscape, you just go to “Page Setup” and change it.

Franz: That all seems pretty easy. I think I’ve got it.

Helen: Good. Give it a try. If you get stuck, I can try to help.

Franz: Okay, great! Now, can you go over again how to change the margins, insert a page number, change the page orientation, and add a footer?

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