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Daily English 540 - Promoting a New Product

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Zoila: I haven’t seen you around lately. What have you been up to?

Leo: My business partners and I have been putting the final touches on our new line of energy drinks.

Zoila: Really? I didn’t even know that you were in the beverage business.

Leo: Yeah, we’ve branched out into a few other areas. We’re going to start promoting the new drinks very soon. We’re working with an advertising agency and we’ll start with sponsoring a couple of sporting events.

Zoila: Wow, when am I going to start seeing ads on TV?

Leo: I don’t think we’re going to go that route just yet.

Zoila: Are you taking the new products to trade shows?

Leo: No, no trade shows for us. We’re working on product placement in some music videos and maybe a TV show or two.

Zoila: That’s great. What about tie-ins with other products or with a movie? I see those everywhere.

Leo: We’re considering it. We’re working on a couple of endorsement deals right now. Once we have some celebrities on board, we’ll do even more.

Zoila: It would be great if you could get Jeff McQuillan to endorse your products. Everybody knows he’s the greatest baseball player who ever lived. With him plugging your energy drinks, sales will go through the roof.

Leo: Yeah, but I think we’d be shooting too high. We might have to settle for someone a little less famous – like David Beckham or Lance Armstrong.

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