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Daily English 592 - Dealing with Website Hackers

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Valerie: You’ll never guess what happened over the weekend.

Bill: What?

Valerie: Our website was attacked by hackers, and nobody could access it.

Bill: You’re kidding! What did they do?

Valerie: They got access to our server and embedded some malicious code that caused the site to be redirected to their own website.

Bill: But I thought our site had really good security. Didn’t we hire a programmer last year to encrypt the database and patch any vulnerabilities?

Valerie: That’s what we should have done. So now, we’re paying the price.

Bill: The site seems to be back up, though.

Valerie: Yeah, we brought in a specialist on Friday and she’s been working on it 24/7. Let’s hope she puts in the security measures we should have had all along, and this will never happen again.

Bill: Right, at least until some creative hacker comes up with a new way to wreak havoc.

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