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Daily English 664 - Preparing a Video Resume

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Katrina: Okay, I’m ready to hear all of your advice about what to put into a video resume.

Raj: All right. The first thing to remember is that your video resume doesn’t take the place of your traditional resume; it supplements it.

Katrina: Okay, I got it. I was thinking of talking about some of my outside interests and activities to show that I’m a well-rounded person.

Raj: I’d forget about that, if I were you. The point of the video resume is to make a good business impression. It’s not about showing your outside skills or interests. You’re marketing yourself as a business professional so you should wear business attire, something you would wear to an interview.

Katrina: Oh, so this outfit is out, I guess. I wanted to show them my personality.

Raj: I think that outfit would definitely knock you out of contention for any job. You have to get it out of your head that you’re going to get hired for your personality or charm. What counts are your qualifications, your skills, and how you handle yourself in a business setting.

Katrina: Oh, I was afraid you were going to say that.

Raj: Stop selling yourself short. Your qualifications and skills are as good as the next guy’s. You just have to believe in yourself.

Katrina: Right, I have to believe in myself...I have to believe in myself. Hey, I think I can do it!

Raj: Really? You think you can produce a video resume that’s professional and polished?

Katrina: Sure, it should be no problem. I know just the right person to hire as a stand-in!

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