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Daily English 904 - Working Overseas

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Danielle: I’m so excited! I just got my new posting overseas. I can’t wait to live abroad and work as an expat.

Angus: I remember my first overseas assignment. It was interesting, but the adjustment took some time.

Danielle: I won’t have any problems. I already have my work permit and vaccinations, and I speak the language fairly well. And remember, I don’t have any family to relocate.

Angus: I didn’t think I’d have any problems either, but when I got to McQuillanland, I was in culture shock.

Danielle: I’m ready for the differences in the cost of living. I’ll be getting a housing allowance, which will offset the increase in living expenses.

Angus: I wasn’t thinking so much about the expense of living abroad. I was referring to a different pace of life and the many cultural differences that affect every facet of life.

Danielle: That’s what I’m looking forward to. It’ll all be so exciting.

Angus: I’m glad you’re in euphoria right now, but be prepared for some bumps in the road.

Danielle: No problem. To me, smooth sailing would be boring!

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